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photo restoration

Much of any family history is told with photographs.

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photo restoration services

Much of any family history is told with photographs. But the story doesn't have to end when those photos become damaged. Let our artists use the latest digital tools to restore and even enhance your family photos. Beyond restoration we can also retouch photos.

Want to learn how to restore and retouch your own photos? See our Photo Class Schedule. Or call to arrange for One-on-One coaching.

Retouching Services:

  • Add a subject from a photo.
  • Remove a subject from a photo.
  • Combine 2 or more photos.
  • Remove the background of a photo.
  • Colorize a black and white photo
  • Optimize a marginal quality photo so it can be enlarged.
  • Remove blemishes, Soften wrinkles and whiten teeth in portraits.
  • Remove time and date stamp.
  • Add text.
  • Isolate one subject from a group to make a portrait suitable for display at a funeral.
  • Design custom cards and invitations.
  • Design signs
  • Design and print trade show booths
Photo Restoration Services

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