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life size cut outs

Larger than life photo cut outs

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larger than life photo cut outs

What are Life-size Cut Outs?

Life-size cut outs are large photos mounted on foam board and then trimmed to the shape of the subject in the photo. A stand is added to create a self supporting 2D stand up. Kids, pets, bosses, new products, wedding couples and teachers are all fair game for a cut out.

Where do I use them?

Now you have a new quick and inexpensive way to get lots of pictures into a digital form. The resulting files can be used to make good photos about the same size as the original, or even a little bit bigger.

What do they cost?

Set up is $40 which includes light retouching and stand-up support. Then they are $8 per foot for a 24 inch wide cut out. This width is suitable for many people in most poses. For 2 people wide in the same cut out a 36 or 40 inch wide image will be needed at $14 and $16 per foot. See the chart below for details.

Larger Than Life Photo Cut Outs

How do we order?

Email us at with your file(s), contact information, quantity, and the height you want the cut out to be. We'll look it over and contact you back that same business day or the next morning. At that time we'll take a credit card number and begin production. Your cut out will be ready in 2-3 days. If you have questions any time you can Contact Us

Larger Than Life Photo Cut Outs

Tips for a great Life-Size Cut Out:

  • Cut outs are full length so to avoid retouching costs be sure to have a full length photo available
  • The best quality comes from a high resolution jpeg file straight from your digital camera. If you only have print we can perform a high resolution scan and tweak the image to improve the quality.
  • We have studios in Harrisonburg and Waynesboro, Virginia and can take the photo to be used in a cut out. Just call to make an appointment.
  • Light retouching is included in the price but we can also add a box for a sign with or without text or a thought bubble for $24.95.

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