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Preserve . Enhance . Beautify

Preservation. The first task of any custom framer is to preserve object being presented in the frame. We use acid free mat board and other archival materials and techniques to ensure your family will enjoy the item for years to come.


Items for framing should be enhanced by the act of framing. The colors and cut of matting, the style of the frame, even the choice of glass should all be selected with an eye towards enhancing the item making it look better than it would without a frame.


Grandmother Sees Portrait

A one minute video of a Grandma picking up a custom framed portrait of her very cute one-year-old grandson. These things make it fun to be in the photo business.

Posted by King Photo on Monday, 9 July 2012


A framed piece should beautify the area is which it is displayed. It should co-ordinate with its surroundings in color and style. It should reflect the taste of the owner.


How we achieve those goals

We???ll work with you to select the materials used to create your custom framing project. Then we???ll use a combination of experienced craftsmanship and high tech digital tools including a state-of-the-art computerized mat cutter to complete the project.


How is it so inexpensive?

Our belief is that custom framing doesn???t have to be expensive framing. We have a wide selection of modestly priced moldings and since we can design and cut mats in just seconds we pass the savings on to you.


Prices start below $75 for an 8x10 print in a custom frame and we have 100???s of ready made frames in stock with prices below $10.


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